Recent Fundamentals:: Healthpeak Properties, Inc., (NYSE: PEAK)


On Monday, November 16, 2020, the Company, Healthpeak Properties, Inc., PEAK stock construct a change of 3.43 percent (Gain) in a total of its share price and having its trading value $30.73, which belongs to Real Estate sector and REIT – Healthcare Facilities industry. The company?s Market capitalization was $15.91B with the total Outstanding Shares of 538.33M.


P/S, P/E, P/B & P/C values of (NYSE: PEAK):


Healthpeak Properties, Inc. institutional ownership is standing at 96 percent, while insider ownership is 0.1 percent. As of now, PEAK has a P/S, P/E and, P/B values of 6.91, 52.53, and 2.42 respectively. Its P/Cash is valued at 80.74.


The stock SMA50 is now at 10.24 percent. In looking, the SMA 200 we see that the stock has seen a 11.09 percent. The Company?s net profit margin for the 12 months at 13.4 percent. Comparatively, the g azes have a Gross margin of 45.5 percent.

Profitability ratios:


Looking into the profitability ratios of PEAK stock, an investor will find its ROE, ROA, ROI standing at 4.5 percent, 2 percent and, 2.1 percent, respectively.

Beta Factor:


A beta factor is used to measure the volatility of the stock. The stock remaining at 3.28 percent volatile for the week and 3.84 percent for the month.

Gross / Operating Margins of PEAK:


It calculates how much out of every dollar of sales a company actually keeps in earnings. Gross Margin is seen at 45.5 percent & Operating Margin seen at 11.4 percent.

Target Price:


Target Price informs the investors, aÿstockÿsurvey at which a trader is willing to buy or sell aÿstock.ÿAt which a trader projects that a buyer will buy a product. The company Healthpeak Properties, Inc. recorded it at $29.56.

Historical Performance In The News:


Taking a look at the performance of Healthpeak Properties, Inc. stock, an investor will come to know that the weekly performance for this stock is valuing at 5.57 percent, resulting in a performance for the month at 13.69 percent.

Therefore, the stated figure displays a quarterly performance of 11.02 percent, bringing six-month performance to 27.67 percent and year to date performance of -10.85 percent. As of now, Healthpeak Properties, Inc. has a P/S, P/E and, P/B values of 6.91, 52.53, and 2.42 respectively. Its P/Cash is valued at 80.74.

Earnings per Share Details of Healthpeak Properties, Inc.:


The EPS of PEAK is strolling at 0.59, measuring its EPS growth this year at -96 percent. As a result, the company has an EPS growth of -75.17 percent for the approaching year.