Key Turning Points To Take Off::Ballard Power Systems Inc, (TSX (Toronto):BLDP)

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On Wednesday, September 11, 2019 , the Company Ballard Power Systems Inc, exchange TSX (Toronto), Loss, the shares rates from the previous trading day.

Notable Runner: Ballard Power Systems Inc:

The market price will usually fluctuate throughout the trading day as investors buy and sell stocks. The Ballard Power Systems Inc (TSX (Toronto) : BLDP) of sector 0 started at $6.61 and closed at $6.48 in the newest exchanging session having previous price $6.57 on marking the change of $-0.09 with -1.37% (Loss) from the previous day.

Trading Price (High & Low):

The high trading price was $6.7 at which a stock traded throughout the route of the day and low trading price stayed $6.36.

Notable Technical Indicator to Watch:

Volume is an important technical indicator for investors, which gives the idea of the price action of a stock and whether he should buy or sell the security. The BLDP exchanged hands with current Volume 508974, while precious’s day the Volume 567633. If trading volume increases, prices usually move in the same direction.

Technical Analysis Of Moving Average (MA):

A Moving Average (MA) is an extensively indicator in technical analysis that facilitate smooth-out price action by filtering out the “Noise” from random short-term price fluctuations. It is a trend-following, or lagging, indicator because it is based on past prices. The following Moving Averages values of the company, Ballard Power Systems Inc:

  • 05.00 Days Moving Average (MA): 6.35%
  • 20.00 Days Moving Average (MA) & Signals: 5.98% (Buy)
  • 50.00 Days Moving Average (MA) & Signals: 5.7% (Buy)

Weighted Alpha Of Ballard Power Systems Inc:

Weighted Alpha tells that how much a stock has risen or fallen over an one-year period with a higher weighting for recent price activity. The company’s Ballard Power Systems Inc, TSX (Toronto) have a Weighted Aplha 53.16. A positive weighted alpha indicates that the stock has risen over the past year. A negative indicates that the stock is down over that same time period.

Price Opinion Signals (Buy / Sell / Hold):

Buy Signals: An event or condition that aware a person to place a buy order for an investment. Buy signals can be either watched by analyzing chart patterns or calculated by exchanging systems.

Hold Signals: An analyst’s recommendation to neither buy nor sell a security. A company with a hold recommendation usually is expected to execute with the market or at the same pace as comparable companies.

Sell Signals: A condition or measurable level at which an investor is alerted to sell a specified investment. Sell signals can be generated through a variety of methods.

They are also observed and utilized by different types of investors. The Current Price Signals & Last Month Prices Signals are hereunder:

  • Present Price Signals “Buy”
  • Previous Month Price Signals  “Buy”

Notable Trend Analysis of the Ballard Power Systems Inc:

The Trend analysis of the Ballard Power Systems Inc shows that the Company Buy the Trend Signal & having Trend Strength Strong with the Trend Direction of the Weakening.  Trend Signals indicates that uses wave theory, market momentum and volatility in an attempt to find a general trend, while Trend Strength of the signal compared to its historical performance where max the strongest this signal has been is and minimum is the weakest. Trend Direction indicating whether the Buy or Sell signal is strengthening or weakening or whether a Hold signal is heading towards a buy or sell signal.

Market Cap:

Market Cap is determined by doubling a company’s shares outstanding by the current market price of one share 1528369980.


Looking into the profitability ratios of BLDP stock, an investor will find its ROE i.e; -19.3242%. A performance measure used to estimate the efficiency of an investment or to compare the ability of some different investments.

ROA% (Before Tax):

Return on assets (ROA) is a financial ratio that shows the percentage of profit a company earns in relation to its overall resources. The Company has ROA -14.3001%.

Moving Averages (Signal / Strength / Direction):

The MA is a moving average that places a greater weight and significance on the most recent data points. Like all moving averages, this technical indicator is used to produce buy and sellsignals based on crossovers and divergences from the historical average. The 20-Dyas Moving average Signals was “Buy with the Strength “Averageof having direction “Weakening. The 50-Dyas Moving average Signals was “Buy with the Strength “Strongof having direction “Weakening. Similarly, the 100-Dyas Moving average Signals was “Buy with the Strength “Maximum of having direction “Weakening.

Growth Rates (Return / Revenue) & Beta factor:

The 01-Year Return of the company Ballard Power Systems Inc 42.42%, while the revenue growth percent over a 5-years period is 9.54%.The difference between the current price and the settlement price from 1 year ago, expressed as percentage. The revenue growth percent over a 5 year period. The beta factor is 2.274164. A stock with a beta more than 1 means high volatile and less than 1 means low volatile.

Return on Equity (ROE) percent:

Return on equity (ROE) is a measure of financial performance calculated by dividing net income by shareholders’ equity. Because shareholders’ equity is equal to a company’s assets minus its debt, ROE could be thought of as the return on net assets. The company Ballard Power Systems Inc having -19.3242 percent.

EPS Indicators Of The Company BLDP:

PE (TTM):  TTM stands for Trailing Twelve Months. It is being used to represent the performance of Ballard Power Systems Inc. The PE(ttm) of the Company recorded at 0 percent.

Forward PE Ratio: A company with a higher forward P/E ratio than the industry or market average indicates an expectation the company is likely to experience a significant amount of growth. The forward P/E ratio of BLDP, TSX (Toronto) recorded as 0 percent.